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  Konferencja 2006

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CZE-NE-KA – Foundation for Human and Animal Friendship
has the pleasure of inviting you to participate in
an International Scientific Conference:

20 years of dog human therapy in Poland

under the auspices of “Mój Pies” monthly


The conference will take place on May, 26 – 27 2007 in Warsaw


     Main organiser                                                                  Main partner       








Organisers wish to invite facilities, organisations and individuals applying dog-human therapy, as well as medical doctors, psychologists, teachers, special pedagogists, rehabilitators and speech specialists. Volunteers, students interested in the covered subject, the disabled, their parents and carers should also feel invited.


The organisers wish to invite all interested parties, both organisations and individuals, to present their achievements in the field of dog-human therapy.

Those willing to share experience are asked to submit papers by e-mail ( and registration form (attached hereto) to the following address: CZE-NE-KA – Fundacja Przyjaźni Ludzi i Zwierząt; 01-97 Warszawa, ul. Petofiego 4 lok. 1.

The presentation can also cover a “Human story”, i.e. how a DOG helped or changed a person’s life.


We encourage you to share experience – a 4-hour panel discussion has been scheduled titled “Dog-human therapy – what it is and what it isn’t”. Your voice can be heard, feel free to present your opinion.

We would particularly like to invite those who:

·         have a dog-human therapy program of their own,

·         use different breeds for dog-human therapy,

·         want to share their experience,

·         want to discuss and exchange opinions,

·         want to contribute,

·         to broaden their knowledge and minds.



Terms and conditions for accepting submitted papers:

·         Deadline for submitting presentations: April, 20 2007

·         Estimated presentation time 15 – 20 minutes (in case of longer presentations, please contact the organisers at the following tel. no.: +48 603 406 158 or e-mail:

·         A multimedia presentation featuring a footage of your classes (please indicate the necessary multimedia equipment) would be a plus.

·         Submitted papers should include a summary (1 – 1.5 page) in English and Polish.

·         Limited number of places. Decisions will be based upon the order in which an application was received.

The organisers shall reserve their right to select papers; selected papers (summaries) will be published in the next issues of the CZE-NE-KA magazine.


To participate in the conference you must submit registration form and pay the fee to the following bank account no.: 07 1680 1248 0000 3000 0997 5118 titled: darowizna od....... [donation from...]

30 EURO – payment made by April, 25 2007

50 EURO – payment made after April, 25 2007

Payment deadline is May, 15 2007

Speakers with approved papers participate free of charge.




Together with the conference, a photo contest will be organised titled “My DOG in dog-human therapy”. Please send the photos of dogs during dog-human therapy activities. Photo size: A4, a max. of 3 to 5 photos; photos will be selected by a commission. Deadline for submitting the photos is May, 5 2007. By submitting papers for the conference and the contest you transfer the right to their free-of-charge publication by the CZE-NE-KA Foundation. The photos of dogs from the CZE-NE-KA Foundation for Human and Animal Friendship will be presented outside the contest. Photos selected by the commission will be displayed during the conference. The best photos will be awarded with gifts and published in the “Mój Pies” [My dog] monthly and the CZE-NE-KA’s website at and the website of the “Pomóżmy Razem” [Let's help together] action


Outside the contest we also encourage to submit works made children about dog-human therapy. Those interested are asked to contact the organisers in advance.


Individuals and organisations willing to participate in the conference are asked to register with the attached form.




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